Friday, 1 November 2013

01 November 2013

Firstly and most importantly


Have an awesome day with whatever you do!   Wish we could be there to celebrate :-D

Life has been busy, I've been teaching Open Water, Advanced and now in the middle of a Deep Speciality.  Crystal itself has been pretty quiet so, to have constant work has been great.  I've actually made more money than Simon this week   :-D

I'm supposed to be in the office right now but all the check-ins have been dealt with and instead of being eaten alive by mozzies, I'm sat down by the beach typing away. 

Just ear wigging, some people are already talking about Christmas  ..Im not looking forward to it that much, being away from everyone  ..I hope Santa knows where to find me :-(  ..but I suppose it's good to try something different.

Customers call   ...argh!!!

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