Saturday, 25 March 2017

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

22nd March 2017

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Chloe!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Dear Chloe, 
Have a fantastic day! 
We will celebrate properly when you're here in Thailand ;-D
Love and BIG Birthday hugs,
Jenny &Simone
X x X x X

Monday, 20 March 2017

21st March 2017

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Simon!!
Happy Birthday to you!

You are indeed a man of many talents:-D
Have a fabulous day!  

The Master (Master Instructor)

Ninja Simone

The handsome Dowling men
Camera man

Simon, set in stone

20th March 2017

Dear Iona,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!
We hope you have a lovely day and look forward to the belated Birthday celebrations here in Thailand.  It's going to be fun!!
Hope you get lots of lovely prezzies

Love and huge hugs,
Auntie Long Legs &Uncle Salmon
X x X x X x


Sunday, 19 March 2017

18th March 2017

After a very long and busy March with visa runs, contending with Crystals biggest party celebrating Crystals 100,000 certifications, Advanced Open Water, Self Reliant Course, Open Water filming, a Spanish party night on St Patrick's day (typical Thailand), website and print design work, snorkel test night, bar accounts and much more... 

Visa run photo's:
Our apartment
Mugshot coffee shop

Night on the town for Cuthbert!

Cuthbert doesn't stop drinking once he gets going :-D
Some of the food stalls for the Crystals 100,000 certification

Last minute repairs

This weekend was the 'Save Koh Tao Festival' which has been scaled down dramatically due to the Kings passing.  At the last minute the Mayor requested for an island wide clean up. So at short notice, a few dive schools got together and organised, beach & dive site clean ups. 

Land clean up crew ..BEFORE

Rubbish collected that morning! ..AFTER

Dive site clean up . .just a few of our divers

The Eco crew

Navy & Dive Schools United

.........Simon finally enjoying a day off with Cuthbert and I!! 

Day off  ..relaxing at View Point Resort

Time for Simon to put his foot up :-D

Friday, 17 March 2017

17th March 2017

Wishing the handsome CHRIS very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Hope you have a fantastic day and we'll be having a couple of beers to celebrate with you :-D

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

Love & Hugs

Jenny & Simon


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The last week has been pretty full on.  I've been keeping my Eco intern Julia busy with clean ups, coral transplants, coral watch and all sorts while Simon has been working the bar, teaching DSD's, followed by a quick English/Hungarian Open Water course with Hungarian video Steve's friends before doing our visa run to Penang, Malaysia.

First time flying

We are currently in Georgetown, Penang on a visa run.  This will be our last visa run before heading home to the UK in May :-D
Our outward journey was long but pleasant, Cuthbert enjoyed the boat, coach, flights and finally the taxi ride to our destination, where we dropped off our bags and went straight out for food.  We were famished.  With Little India just 5 minutes away, Simon has quite a selection of restaurants to choose from which made a nice change.

Si, so happy on a bike :-D
To Simon's delight, we've hired push bikes again to get around.  It's much faster than walking everywhere.  The bikes are single gear and have lovely baskets at the front which we can use for our shopping or for Cuthbert when he wants to venture out :-D

Our accommodation is good, the decor is nothing like the last place we stayed but it's charming. Downstairs we have an outside kitchen, shower & toilet,  simple lounge and dining area and upstairs a large bedroom with outside toilet.

After sorting out our visa's and doing a little shopping we headed back to the apartment to catch up on mails, work etc.

Last night we Cuthbert to the cinema, to see LOGAN   ..He loved it!  ..especially the coke and popcorn!

The big screen
It was certain not the most enjoyable visit to the cinema for us though as we moved seats 3 times.  Once due to a mouse jumping on Simon's arm, not once but a couple of times. At one point Simon passed me the popcorn and I jumped out of my skin, obviously thinking the mouse had landed on me.  The second move was due to the previous mouse deciding Simon was his new best friend and bounced along a the seats towards him and then the third move was due to the idiots behind us, kicking my chair, non stop talking and generally acting like brats we finally decided to move and ended up under a faulty speaker.  I think by this time, we'd missed so much of the film, we couldn't be bothered to move for the forth time.  I'd like to watch this movie again but without any interruptions :-D