Sunday, 15 October 2017

14th October 2017

It's been a manic time for Simon.  He's got Social media stuff coming out his ears, filming Open Waters & Advanced courses back to back, teaching Self Reliant, replacing tv's, helping various people out with their pc's whilst running the bar and dealing with all my ECO updates ..he is just amazing the amount of work he squeezes into a day!!

The Multi-task King :-)

I've been out diving most days doing ECO.  It's been fun and have managed to get a lot done, thanks to Simon & some DMT's.   What's really good is that Linda, an old eco dive dive buddy is back for a few weeks.  She's been diving with me, helping with coral transplants and Adopt a Coral.

Me, checking out our transplants
One of our 'Adopt A Coral'

Yesterday Linda hired a bike and we went cycling together.  It's so nice to have a cycling buddy.  In the time that Linda's been away, most of the roads have been concreted, which makes it a lot easier to cycle.  Back in the day, most of the roads were just sandy tracks which made it very difficult and dangerous in places as it was so uneven and steep.  I must say that I'm a little achy today but determined to go out for another pedal :-D

Clean Up with the Municipality & Army
Sending the DMC's out for a Clean up Dive

Hoping all is well with everyone

Sending lots of love

J & S


Saturday, 7 October 2017

5th October 2017

A big GET WELL SOON to Simon's father Roger who fell down the steps at the tube and split his head open. He was admitted overnight in the Royal London Hospital, WhiteChapel.  Thankfully he's recovering quickly, but boy, you must have had a sore head after that.

I empathize with Kate as she was told so much conflicting information from the Transport for London & Hospitals that nobody could tell her where they'd taken Roger and at one point she was told he was in resus at Kings A&E!!

We are just glad that Roger's doing well and is on the mend.

Hope you don't mind Roger but here is a picture of your head wound.  I've been contemplating for ages whether to add it or not. I was shocked to be honest's SICK!!


Looking much better in this pic ;-D

Sunday, 1 October 2017

30 September 2017

It's back to island life again.

Its only been just over a week since we've arrived back but seems a lot longer.   The weather has been unpredictable but what's been nice is that it's been nice a cool.  So pretty easy to settle back into things.  The dive center has been pretty quiet, just waiting on the Chinese invasion.

Si's been busy with the Bar, Diving, Photography, Social Media, being aTech Guru at the PADI award ceremony to name but a few of his talents :-D   I really don't know how he does it.  He's even managed to get a walk or two in.

Padi Pro night
Sai Nuan

I've been teaching a 4 day Reef Check course with one girl and by the end of it I was totally shattered :-D  It's the weekend now and I've managed to go for a swim, cycle, pottering/sorting around the house, have a massage, get my nails painted and today, cycling up to the reservoir for the first time in over a month.  It's a hot day and I think I'm going to struggle ..a lot LOL

Saturday, 23 September 2017

22nd September 2017

The last week in the UK seems to have gone in a flash.  We managed to pack quite a few things in.   We met up with Roy and drove up to Norfolk and stayed with Simon's Mum, Del & Auntie Pat who had rented a lovely mobile home on the coast for a couple of nights and then drove back home, to the farm.

The 15th was my Birthday, another year older and wiser they say  ..not too sure if that's correct LOL
Anyway, I had a super day, got thoroughly spoilt and went out with the family for a lovely meal in the evening!  It was lovely coming home to a room full of balloons (Thank you Rosie) and lots of cards and brilliant prezzies AND my very own chocolate button cake, baked by Iona :-D

The following Sunday we drove to Croydon to visit Simons father and Kate.   We spent most of the afternoon just catching up and then in the evening we went out for a bite to eat.  We were pleasantly surprised by going to Chai-Naasto which was an Indian street style food restaurant.  Very good food, not that spicy but worth a visit.  The decor was brilliant!

Monday we met up with Rosie & Charles, Rob and his vegetarian girlfriend in London for a speed boat experience along the Thames, which was great.  I just wish we could have gone faster!  A great day out though, THANK YOU ROSIE!!

Friday, 22 September 2017

11th September 2017

  Many Happy Returns Squiddles!!  

Dad would have been 97 years young today.

Since the wedding we've been pretty active, Si's been out walking here there and everywhere, working on his social media work which seems to be never ending and driving everywhere as per usual to see everyone.  I on the other hand have been helping Rosie out in her Tea room on the odd day,  cycling most days unless it's chucking it down and have done some babysitting for my Goddaughter Iona which was great fun.   Whilst I was in bed on Sunday morning, Iona was up early creating a super hero costume :-D    Such a creative little sausage.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

30th August 2017

Time is flying!   We arrived safely back in the UK.  Vehicle hire collected it was straight to Simon's mum for coffee and a bacon sandwich ..which I must say was delicious.  After a couple of hours catching up it was time to head of to Simon's brothers, Roy's to help with some of the wedding preparations.    Not long after we arrived, Simon's father turned up with cabling, speakers etc.  It was lovely to see everyone but after a few hours, we were both feeling jet lagged kick and especially for Simon, who's not slept more than a couple of hours of a night due to his ear infection, having to drive everywhere did amazingly well.

Setting up the sound system

Things slowly coming together

So after an exhausting first day, we finally arrived back at the farm, unpacked, caught up with Rosie, Charles and the boys and settled in.  It was so nice to sleep in our own bed and boy did we sleep well.

02 September 2017
3 Generations

The new Mr & Mrs D
The marquee

Roy & Wendi's wedding day was lovely. Beautiful venue, weather, Wendi looked stunning and all the hard work that went into the preparation for their big day, paid off.

They had a fish & chip van which was a fab idea, so simple but so so tasty and then, to top it off, an ice cream van with every ice cream, lolly you could ever wish for  ...DELICIOUS!!
It was great to catch up with Simon's family some of which I've not seen for years.

Friday, 25 August 2017

26th August 2017


Happy 11th Anniversary!!

I love you more with each day that passes

You to me are everything, the sweetest thing that love could be, oh baby!!