Tuesday, 16 December 2014

17th December 2014

Alright folks,

After another intensive few days, and feeling like collapsing into bed as soon as I got home...  Its time for a couple of days off!!! YAY!!!

The weather has got colder here... its got cloudy... a little rain and a fair amount of wind have reduced the temperature to a balmy 27 degrees... Its almost like Christmas !!!

I have been organising our Christmas dinner, which instead of last year, where we cooked... we have decided to head to Hacienda and let them do the hard work for us.  Jenny and Kirsty are both having to work Xmas shifts, manning (or womanning) the office for a couple of hours each. Once they have finished then we shall head to dinner and probably stay there the rest of the day.

Now thats organised, I can start looking at a multitude of other things that are on my list to do... 1st on my list is to try and have a lay in... 5:50am this morning I woke up.... on a day off!!! GRRRRR!!



Thursday, 11 December 2014

12th December 2014

This AMAZING bag arrived in the post a couple of days ago.  

It was made by the one and only 'Jan' (my big sis)  accompanied by a Christmas card with a note inside saying 'Just a little something I made at sewing class'  

Jan, you're so clever!!

Thank you so much.  It's perfect!


11th December 2014

I wasn't scheduled for any courses today, so to make sure I wasn't disturbed by Crystal, I turned my phone off.  Great suggestion by Simon :-D

Over the last few days I've taught a 3 person Open Water and a 4 person Advanced course which went well but I am so ready for a day to myself.

As Simon told you all, we have to move by the end of January and we've found a place by Hacienda (the leisure park) which I think has potential.  It needs a little work completed (roof panels replaced, kitchen tiles glued back) before we move but I like the feel of the place.  We have a garden, so I can put my hammock up and it's seems fairly quiet.   On the down side, we will need to buy some furniture and kitchen appliances but I think it'll be worth it and I'm already thinking about recycling crates, piping etc for storage.   So today, I'm going to have a look online and check out 'Koh Tao for sale' (2nd hand goods)  I might even go and have a look at our new place  ...just to get more of an idea of what's needed :-D   ..quite excited about our new adventure but I'm really going to miss our view.

Christmas is approaching far too quickly and is very different here ...we both miss the family very much.   As you can see from our previous post we've put our decorations up but have hardly spent any time at home to appreciate them or listen to any cheesy carols.    Knowing that Iona and Chloe break up from school school today, the excitement must be building.

I hope everyone's been good this year  ..or else Santa's not coming ;-D

We send our love and 'Get Well' wishes to Dell who has pleurisy and to Charles's, for his hip replacement.  Take care of yourselves!!!

Love to all

Monday, 8 December 2014

9th December 2014

Back to work!

I have started a new Open Water course... Only this one is different...

PADI have created a new version of the Open Water course, and today will be the first time I have taught it. I feel it means much longer hours than previously and I am concerned that I won't be able to complete it in the timeframe... I guess the only way to see is to try...

Yesterday, I zoomed around printing paper, preparing for the new course, shopping for some veggies, and xmas shopping online.. Now, ordering stuff online from here is probably slower than if I had flown back to the UK, gone in the shop, purchased a gift, wrapped it up, hand delivered it to Santa in the North Pole, and then went back to Thailand.  Needless to say the internet was slooooooow.!

Righto, better get to work...In the meantime... its XMAS in KOH TAO !!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

7th December 2014

Hi all,

Its very hard to find the time to write the blog at the moment. This is my first day off in a while (again!) and I have a huge list to do... UK work... Videography work.... Website work...

Then there is the grocery shopping, the water purchasing, the computer fixing, the house hunting.... Oh spare me a minute please!!

So, the house hunting.... Since learning of our imminent eviction from our house (since the owner is returning), we have been actively searching for houses in between working on Open Water Courses.

Late yesterday afternoon, I popped to somewhere to see a house that Jen had viewed a couple of days ago. Its in need of a good refurb. It has a hole in the roof, part of the ceiling has collapse from water damage, it needs a massive clean... the list goes on. Jen quite likes it and sees potential, so I have gone with her good judgement and we are going to move there. I am not excited about moving since I was quite happy with our current place, but we have no choice.

The landlord (English) is going to do the repairs and cleaning over the next week or so, and we shall move in there sometime after Xmas. Sadly no view etc... but at least we have some garden space.

The place is empty so it means shopping for furniture etc... which I think Jen is excited to get on to when she has a free day...

Photos of the new place... coming soon...



5th December 2014

The time is just flying past.

We've both been pretty bust teaching and to top it all we've just been told that we need to move by the end of January.  You might think it's ages away but here on Koh Tao, it'll be busy season and a total nightmare to find anywhere decent.  So we've spent the last couple of days asking / driving around in search of a new abode. We've seen a couple of places but nothing in comparison to where we are now.   The hunt continues....

Thursday, 27 November 2014

27th November 2014

Hey guys...

Its busy at the moment..

Jen has been working pretty much non stop with small courses. I have been busy with video work, and self reliant diving.

A couple of days ago, I was on the last dives with a student, on the Self Reliant course (means you can dive on your own).

I jumped in from the boat, and the student and Steve (Crystal Images Manager) jumped in after.

30 seconds later the student started screaming and thrashing his arm around... I noticed tentacles flying around his head and directed him, quite sternly, to stay still. I looked under the water to see a Box Jellyfish swimming away with only 1 tentacle left on it.

We got the student up on the boat, removed the tentacles, and requested a boat to collect us from the dive site so we could get him to the clinic. Apart from the pain, which wore off a day later... he was fine.

In the meantime.... I have had the 5 days of Black & White challenge on Facebook... Here are the photos.....