Thursday, 15 February 2018

14th Feb 2017 - Valentines Day!

It would have been Mum and Dads Wedding Anniversary today!  Many years of married life! 
I just hope that Simon and I experience as many happy years together!  :-D   

It's been non stop here.   Teaching, building artificial structures, filming, research, we've been doing it all.   It's great that ECO has been so busy but I've not had time to squeeze in any massages, get my nails painted or anything :-(  LOL

The dive school has been really busy, all 3 boats going out on a daily basis, no kit left in the kit room and people scavenging for left overs :-D   It's been fun but annoying at times.  Common sense is far from common.

Tomorrow I'm running a beach clean and dive site clean up it should be an easy day  ...unless I get a boat load of idiots :-D   It's not unusual!

Anyway, I should have the weekend off and I'll post more and give you an update on the veggies and everything else :-D


J & S

Sunday, 21 January 2018

20th January 2018

Happy Birthday Rob 
Hope you had a wonderful day! 

Hope this post finds everyone very well.

Well it's Sunday evening and Simon has left me to go night diving to try out his new camera lens.  It's very still out and the sea is as flat as a pancake, so hopefully he'll have a really good dive.   This is his 2nd night dive in 2 weeks he trying to tell me something?!!   LOL

This weekend has been lovely playing board games, watching movies, gardening, swimming and actually relaxing for a change.  I can't quite remember when Simons actually made a point of saying he'd had a really lovely day   ...amazing to hear  ..only taken 11 years  

We've both managed to get rid of our colds very quickly and have very active in the garden as you can see by our array of veggies

Runner  bean
Runner beans
More runners

Spring Onions I think

Sweet Corn
Sweet corn
Weekends are far more enjoyable now that we spend them together. 

Work is busy as per usual.   As you may or may not know, Eco Koh Tao started a crowdfunding campaign, thanks to Simon, in order to raise funds to expand Junkyard, our artificial dive site.  It's been running nearly a month now and we've just hit our target.  I know that some of you reading this have contributed, so a massive THANK YOU everyone!!

We've already started work on some of the interconnecting structures's taken us 3 days to do 3  ..we're aiming for about 40 structures in total it's going to take time :-D

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

12th January 2018


Wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday!! 
Enjoy your day Rosie, have fun at the cinema.

We'll celebrate your Birthday with a glass or two of wine this evening ;-D

Sending lots of love and hugs,

Jenny Wren, Simone & Cuthbert


11 January 2018

Hi everyone, I've been very lapse with the blog   ...apologies!!   I trust & hope that everyone had a brilliant New Year and you're all set for what 2018 brings.

Simon and I just stayed at the Crystal bar on New Years Eve, didn't really have a lot of choice as he runs it :-D   I must say we had a lovely and relaxed evening.  Most of the Crystal gang were out partying in Sairee and it was just nice to chat to the chosen few :-D     We had planned to leave before midnight but I was told we were drinking and chatting till around 1:30am  ...where did the time go?!

So this year, Simon and I have started swimming.  We try and go every other day.  It's pretty difficult when your teaching and diving all day but we've been very good and for the days we've missed, we've made up for by doing the extra lengths (Simon has anyway :-D)    I've been very lazy on the cycling front.  I've not been out for any lengthy rides at all.  I'm aiming to go out this weekend.  I still cycle to & from the office  ..most days :-D 

Simon is now actually taking time off from the bar   YIPPEEEEEE his partner LOL is covering and stepping up his game  NOT!!  ...Last weekend we had some friends over for home cooked pizza, cooked by Steve, who runs 'Crystal Images'  the videography company who we share the ECO office.  He had lost a bet with Simon (Formula 1 racing bet) and so the bet was to cook pizza from stratch at ours for everyone.  Steve, being a former chef did an amazing job.  He was at ours from 9.30am prepping, making dough, slicing & dicing ..I didn't know that so much work went into making pizzas :-D 
One of the meaty ones 

It's been very hot & sticky for the last week or so and today we've have a couple of hours of heavy rain which has been very pleasant.

Simon is out on the boat today this morning doing dives 3 & 4 with a group of Swedish lads.  This is his first Open Water in quite some time.   Now that he's not doing social media for Crystal anymore, he's having to teach to earn the pennies.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

01 January 2018

Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday Dear Rob!
Happy Birthday To You!

Have a super day :-D

Love and hugs

Jenny Wren & Simone
X x X

31st December 2017

Christmas Day was the last real dry day we've had.  Since then we've had heaps of rain and the diving has been pretty bad with really low visibility of 1-3 meters.  The sea temperature has dropped to 26 degrees which is very chilly.  It's brilliant for the corals, it's like sending them on a nice relaxing winter holiday :-D   Simon and I have only been out for a single dive this week, it's been that grim. 

So it's New Years Eve goodness where has this year gone?  We've not got any plans for this evening apart from going down to the Crystal bar Simon has to be there.  We're hoping everyone leaves around 10pm and then Simon is free to what ever he fancies.   I don't mind if we go out, stay in long as we're together it doesn't matter.  Last year I think we made it back home just in time to open the bubbly and toast the New Year in.

So, before we head out, Happy New Year everyone!!!

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

25th December 2017

We hope you all had a festive time.
Thinking and missing everyone very much!

Christmas Eve at Crystal Crew for Secret Sanata

Simon, Tim and I wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

All our prezzies -D
A quick 4 hr game of Risk before lunch :-D