Sunday, 21 September 2014

19th September 2014

This morning my sisters, Rosie, Fiona and I attended  'Decorative Techniques Workshop', working with Annie Sloan, Chalk paints in Alton.  It was great fun and very therapeutic.

The Annie Sloan paint is so easy to use and can be used on almost anything without any need to prime or prepare anything, which is my sort of paint.  You can paint walls, wood, floor, metal, plastic, terracotta and even materials.

In the workshop, we were introduced to the color range, history and the types of brushes, style and shown decorative techniques.  eg.  Gilding, Stenciling, Decoupage, Crackle Glaze and varnishing many things

Our finished artwork
Once the workshop finished, we walked around Alton, popped into a few charity shops and then stopped for a drink and nibble in little Tea Room  ...not a touch on Rosie's  ..Sandwich was very salty, tea was weak and the flapjack was solid as a rock   ...but I must say, I haven't laughed so much in ages :-)

Thank you for a lovely Birthday prezzie  xx

Friday, 19 September 2014

18th September 2014

THANK YOU for all my Birthday wishes. 
I had a super time, in fact I had a few days of festivities :-D

Stunning Birthday bouquet

It's only today that Si and I have returned from the New Forest.  We thought it would be fun to go away camping for a couple of days while the weathers good & also do 'Go Ape'  ...swing through the trees like monkeys :-D

On route!

It's been years since I've camped in the New Forest ..I remember going as a child with Mum, Mary Cotter & her daughter Helen.   'Careless Whisper' was released by George Michael there's an interesting fact!

We camped up at Red Shoot Camp site in Linwood.  A lovely camp site situated just behind a pub.  Very handy  ..even the New Forest ponies were queueing up. 


 'Go Ape' was a scream.  It's been years since we last did one.  Si took some good photo's of me traversing a fashion :-D

Monday, 15 September 2014

14th September 2014

Sisters: Fiona, Jen, Jan & Rosie

Today my big Sis Janet and her husband Rob came up from Sussex for Sunday lunch

13th September 2014

Saturday morning, Simon, Iona & Chloe and I had a bit of a 'Bake Off'.

I paired up with Chloe and went for a traditional chocolate cake with butter icing and grated chocolate on top.  While Simon and Iona went for a more imaginative cake.

The Classic
The Creation

The Stand Off

A pertty hard one to judge! You'll have to wait until tomorrow for the tasting session and then we'll reveal the Winner

You would have thought with all that baking, Simon wouldn't be that hungry but after a quick trip to the shops to get some vital supplies, he made a sandwich as big as Iona's head LOL (Simon did miss breakfast ;-))

Friday, 12 September 2014

12th September 2014

Short one today...

I have been working on a website for several months now... Its quite big and I have reached a point of staring at the screen wondering what else to do...

I need some fresh eyes on it.. so I am inviting you to check it out at

There is lots of info on diving, there is an online shop... and I would welcome any feedback!



Thursday, 11 September 2014

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

10th September 2014

I was up bright and early this morning as I accompanied Charles to Froome to buy some livestock.  Young bulls to be precise.

We set off around 8am for the 2hr journey.   The roads were pretty clear and we arrived at Froome market/auction in good time to have breakfast and have a quick look at some of the stock for auction.

It's a long ole day.  The auctioneer does an amazing job. as there were over 300 calves to auction off.  By the time we'd sorted and loaded Charles new purchases into the trailer, it was almost 2pm.

The drive back was  much slower, especially with a fully loaded trailer.
We passed Stone Henge, which was nice to see.  Lots of tourists about taking photo's

Once back at the farm, we unloaded the young calves into a pen into the barn where they'll be divided again, so they'll have more room to roam and play.