Thursday, 2 July 2015

01 July 2015

We’ve been back in the UK over a week now and time is just flying.
We’ve managed to catch up with most of the family and friends but we’ve still got a few to go.

Seeing the new addition to Simons Mums posse is quite cute..

The weather has just been fantastic, couldn’t have asked for better.  I’ve been out on my bike most days and I actually joined Fleet cycling club last Thursday and did a whopping 64 miles.  I was the only person under 60 and on a muddy, neglected mountain bike, everybody else had sparkling road bikes.  I managed to keep pace but once off the bike, I certainly felt it :-D   Si wasn’t too impressed as I left the house at 9.30am and didn’t get back till 16.10    ..Sorry Simone!!!  

So, this week, we’ve been sorting out visa’s, bank stuff, driving licenses, change of address’s and all sorts. We’ve both been down to our lockup to check our belongings and to see what items we can Ebay (well Simon has)   ..he’s managed to get rid of a few electrical bits n bobs and I’ve just a items of clothes on.  

Simon has been down to Kent to see his brother and spend some time with his Niece and Nephew..

At the moment in Rosie’s garden, we’ve erected our big tent (6-9 person tent).

  We thought we’d get it out to air and use it this weekend as we’re going to the local  ‘Lowde Festival’ in Hazeley Bottom, just down the road.  Hopefully all the family will be going and camping back at the farm.  Eighties legend Paul Young is playing (not that we actually like him). There will be two stages, different types of music with loads of up and coming artists which have supported some big bands, so it should be good.  Plus there’s bars serving over 80 different types of ales, ciders , a mojito bar and cocktail bar  ..what more could one want :-)

Our first week back, Rosie and Charles were away in France  ..Rosie had left multiple notes around the house of which one said that we have a hedgehog in the garden, first time in 20 years and we were to feed it.  So we've been feeding it ever night, not that we've seen it and have now set up an infrared camera to catch it in action far, the camera has not worked it's magic due to settings, placement etc, so I'm convinced it's a rat or the cat that's eating the dog food put out every night.   Si, this afternoon strategically place the camera over the feeding area, so hopefully tomorrow morning we will have evidence of what's been eating the food.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

22nd June 2015

So, up and about as dawn came, I set out to catch up on some paperwork, before Jenny and I left to head down to Mums.

Another journey on the M25, this one taking over 5 hours to complete due to accidents and lane closures... It gave me a strong memory of when I used to do this journey every day... yuck.

Finally we made to Mums. She had just come out of hospital with knee surgery, so although she was in pain, she was in good spirits and we had a lovely evening and a nice takeaway curry... The next morning, Jen and I had our first bath in a very long time... which was so nice.

Then the journey back..., Again, another accident... this time the journey only took 3 hours.

Straight to Sports Day for Iona (Jenny's God Daughter). A dry bright and sunny day made it perfect conditions, with Iona racing in several events. Another pleasant way to spend the afternoon... I had to giggle at the parent next to me who was finishing off a whole bottle of wine!

Very well done Iona...!

21st June - Fathers Day

So, after waking up and writing the catchup blog from Bangkok. We headed down to South Croydon to have a garden party to celebrate Kates birthday, and Fathers Day.

Turning up fashionably late, we didn't realise that Kate did not know we would be there, which was a nice (or not!) surprise for her.

It was great to see Roy and the kids there, and although we were pretty spaced out from our travels, it was a great relaxing first day back in the UK, apart from the M25.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

21st June 2015

Well, we landed last night... very tired and picked up the hire car to head to the farm.

Jenny's sister Fiona was there to greet us, along with Chris, Chloe and Iona... what a lovely surprise.

Waking early this morning, I have already begun on my list of  "Things to do!"..

Firstly, uploading some photos from Bangkok. We went to an Escape Room in Bangkok. You spend an hour locked in a room, and have to figure out puzzles to get out... No phones were allowed, but we took a picture afterwards.

That evening I met with the students that I had taught to dive earlier this month. They took us out to a Tapas bar, and then on to a club called Titanium...

Towards the end of the night. Mark (the aussie student) stepped up on stage and smashed some tunes out on the drums... it was great!!  

The evening finished me off with some final shots in their Ice Bar section... bloody freeeezing!!

Friday, 19 June 2015

20th June 2015

Bangkok has been fun apart from the visit to the dentist.

Last night we met up with Mark & Rob, Simon's ex Open Water students who live and work in Bangkok.  They took us to a lovely little Tapas bar and then we went on to a club with live music. Mark plays the drums and managed to wangle his way on stage and do a few numbers, he was very good.    It was an alcohol fueled night and we are both paying for it, Simon more so as he's been sick multiple times and has now passed out  ..poor ole Si. 

Our flight has just been called after an hour delay next stop  ...London :-D  

Excited to see everyone!!

Friday, 12 June 2015

13th June 2015

Not long now, which is why the updates are so few and far between..

Lots of work, packing, etc etc to do before we fly in a few days so to entertain you... here is one of my dive videos from last week..



Sunday, 31 May 2015

30th May 2015

I do apologize for the slight delay in publishing this blog   ..island life and internet

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Jan
Happy Birthday To You !!

We really hope that you had lovely day!!

Hugs and kisses

Jenny & Simone

Happy Wedding Anniversary Rosie & Charles!! 
Have a swimmingly happy day! 

Love Jenny & Si