Wednesday, 19 October 2016

19th October 2016

The last few days have been fun as Si's been on the boat as well, teaching Self Reliant courses to two Chinese instructors.  It's lovely even knowing that he's teaching, I love to see him teach :-)  What was funny is that both girls were really nervous  ...scared I think :-D  LOL

 Self Reliant students the the Master :-D
I on the other hand have been doing coral transplants and have had a couple of 'Adopt A Coral's to do with funnily enough a Chinese Dive Master Trainee, Mao.   He's a lovely chap and was so helpful throughout his training.  He reminded me of a little puppy, so eager to please.

Mao with his two adopted corals
Today, Nicole my eco intern and I were busy transplanting and moving giant clams onto our artificial reef Junkyard.  Hope my Trigger fish will leave them alone and not eat them. The clams are pretty large so they should stand a good chance.

Nicole transplanting onto her Turtle structure

14th October 2016

It's been pretty hectic.  I've still got my eco intern and have been diving most afternoons.   Last weekend as my student decided to go to Bali for a weeks break with her friend, Simon and I went to Samui for a break with Carsten and Tina.   We went over Friday morning and returned Monday morning which was lovely.  We did a little shopping, cheese, wine and a few veggie things for Si which we are still enjoying.   We also went Go Karting, caught a movie and had a thoroughly relaxed time.  It's so nice to get off the island from time to time, especially for Si's as he's not been diving at all.

I organised a big Beach Clean Up as I was disgusted at the state of the beach when we left for Samui which went really well.  We collected 158kg of rubbish, just along the short stretch of beach which is the first thing you see at you arrive on Koh Tao that was very satisfying to do on our return.  It's just a shame that you have to organize things like this to get people of there arses.

Eco Student with her finished turtle

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

5th October 2016

Wednesday and it already seems as though it's been a long week.

I've been pretty busy with the DMT's and Nicole, my eco intern.  Today, I thought it would be good to get her to make some sort of structure that we can deploy at our artificial reef, Junkyard and then transplant corals onto it.

She's been thinking about this for a few days and came up with the idea of a turtle, as Koh Tao is 'Turle island'.  So having worked out the rough measurements etc we met up at 9am this morning and bought the necessary rods, reebar etc which were delivered an hour or so later down at Crystal.  In the meantime I had organised the DMT's to come and help it was up to her to delegate and get things done  ...I did from time to time go down and interfere, I just couldn't help myself, she/they didn't seem to get getting anything done and she's only had the DMT's help for a couple of hours.

Anyway, as the DMT's were only there till 12.30 and our so called professional welder, Belha didn't show up at all this morning (sick)  ..I grabbed Will, a DM who had as much experience with a welder as I had for moral support and attempted welding the legs on but it just wasn't working and then a miracle happened, my 2nd attempt  ..I cracked it!.  2 legs on and then came the rain LOL

What to do :-D

The turtle finally coming together

Sunday, 2 October 2016

2nd October 2016

So... its been a few days since the last post.

Jenny has been super Eco busy with her intern Nicole. out doing various Drupella snail collections, clam measurements, beach clean ups and also been conducting CoralWatch with Divemaster Trainees.

I have been busy with website stuff as usual, doing bar management work.

On Friday, Jen and I went home early (7pm) for once, and they have been digging up the road. I was going slowly but didn't see a pothole in the dug up road. We hit the dirt, and moments later had bystanders helping us up... We both were wearing our helmets and have only a few grazes fortunately.

The bikes steering was out of alignment and the handlebars were loose, but I was able to ride it home, where we both showered and I cooked dinner and we had a few Gin & Tonics to relax.

Since then, its been a Chinese National holiday, so the island has been inundated with tourists learning to dive. I was asked to film an Open Water but after the dives my knee became quite sore, so I decided to stay out of the water for a few days to let it heal better. Jenny had the weekend off, washing her bike and chilling out. Today she is back in the water so hopefully her knee has had time to heal.

The next week or so will be full of students learning, so the sooner I can get back in the water and film, the better.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

24th September 2016

Saturday and it's my day off :-)

I woke around 10.30 to find a note from Simon, he'd already left for work :-(

So what to do?   I started off with a nice cuppa and then decided I'd get stuck into my exercise video. It's only a 20 minute session but it's pretty hard or is it that I'm not used to cardio anymore  ..LOL

So after exercising, I decided to blitz the house, change the sheets, sweep outside, sort out the washing and generally tidy.  Just what you do on a day off.  It took me hours and that in itself was another work out.  It looks so clean now.   By the time I had finished it was around 2.30

Nice clean sheets

Lounge area
Looking out of our bedroom



After showering, I got dressed and jumped on my bike and headed down to Crystal, stopping on the way to order water which has yet to be delivered.  At Crystal I caught up with Simon and gave him some welcomed nibbles of peanuts and an big juicy red apple :-D  I only stayed for 20 minutes or so and then made a plan to cook a veggie curry.  So on my way back to the house I did a shop and then cycled home to make a start on this evenings culinary delights.  I'm not the best at creating but I think I've done OK

Veggie Curry

Sitting down with a glass of OJ I'm now putting my feet up and waiting for Si to come home.  What hour that will be I just don't know as he's having a nightmare with websites, work etc

I'm so glad of the 'Whatsup' App I've been messaging all my ugly sisters and having a bit of a giggle.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

17th September 2016

After a lovely Birthday it's back to normal.  On Friday I had a bit of a lie in, I arranged to meet my eco intern at 11:45am ready for the afternoon boat where we were going out to collect Crown of Thorns.  Crown of Thorns are giant star fish with up to 23 legs and can grow to nearly a meter.  They eat the algae living within coral.  In abundance the Crown of Thorns can do a lot of damage. destroying large area's of reef, as numbers have risen around the island, we go out and collect them on a regular basis.  Each individual, depending on it's size can produce millions of eggs/larvae.  The larvae feeds on phytoplankton and due to the rise in nutrients in the water due to pollution, run off etc they is no end of food for them and due to overfishing, a lot of the young don't get eaten with that inbalance, it can have serious repercussions.  Anyway, we collected 6 in total  ..not a lot but it's a good thing that we didn't see that many.

This weekend I've tried to stay away from the office.  I did pop in for a couple of hours to catch up with posting some photo's and catching up on mails but I've stayed away.   You would think this is pretty hard but as this is the only place that I see Simon, it's tempting to stay there all day and everyday.  I do feel guilty though when Simon asks me what I'm doing today.  Especially when I say, Oh, maybe go for a swim, cycle massage ..just have a ME day!!

Oh, I had a bit of a clear up last night after I did some food shopping, had my hair trimmed and finished in the office.   It was like being back at 'Fermoy' (old home)  clearing the woods and making bonfires.  The entrance is looking so much neater :-D  Here are a few pictures ..I should have taken before ones but you'll just have to use your imagination and think  10000 of leaves everywhere. 

remains of the bonfire
Path to house free of leaves

One of our plants :-D

15th September 2016

Woke up this morning and showered.  Simon had made a delicious cooked breakfast for my birthday ..yummy!!  

Then I got to the office and Steve told me to close my eyes and then presented my with these lovely cakes  ...argh my goodness...

Birthday cakes

I spent the day on the boat teaching, then back to Crystal, having a few G and T's before heading to Whitening for a birthday dinner....

Below are some pics of the house, after moving in... getting there slowly... Simon has to put some shelves up and fix a few bits and bobs but its feeling very cosy!