Tuesday, 22 July 2014

23rd July 2014

A day off !!

Both of us have a day off.... which means cooking breakfast for Jen while she watches multiple episodes of Eastenders, having gallons of filtered coffee... and generally chilling out for the day.

The weather is changeable... but actually quite cool and mild, which makes a pleasant change... Here's a photo from the night dive 2 days ago...

So today will be a catch up day... with emails, tv, facebook, skype, etc etc... Add to that , I plan to cook a good old Roast dinner too....

Yum yum...



Saturday, 19 July 2014

20th July 2014

My first day back at work today. 

I was down at Crystal around 7.50am due to start a Rescue course with one chap but manage to put him off until tomorrow as there's someone else starting.  So rather than earning the minimal, I can at least boost my wages a little, seeing I missed out on the full moon madness.

This guy (Valentin) is going on to do his Reef Check, so after convincing him to start a day late, I took him for a one on one dive to Junk Yard, showing him all our coral transplants, structures and pointing out Algae, sponges, hard & soft corals.   So at least he has a little heads up.

He seems pretty switched on so I think Rescue will go pretty well.

As I don't get paid for this morning or if I stayed in the office, wouldnt get paid for that either, I cycled home, stopping on the way to get some milk, rat poison and a rat trap as we have an unwelcome guest at the moment. 

I've set the trap and put down the poison, it's only a matter of time.

17th July 2014

I'm still off work and apparently it's crazy down at Crystal.  Classrooms packed, late evenings, and not enough equipment.   Si doesn't want me to go back yet as I'll just make myself ill again but I'm going crazy not doing anything apart from watching various TV series and playing Candy Crush.

Yesterday was the first time in over a week that I've actually been out of the house.  It felt really odd but it was good to be out and about.   I walked into Chalok and sat on the beach for a short while and then went for a massage.  By the time I got home, I was ready to sit and do nothing.  It's amazing how lazy you get by doing nothing.

Simon has been working hard.  Teaching non stop and as well as coping with issues arising at Crystal Images.   I really dont know where he gets his patience or energy from.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

10th July 2014

(A draft blog that Jen wrote and forgot to publish).

We've been busy  ..I've been Team Teaching with 6 Chinese.   A pretty easy time for me but very frustrating too.   As our Chinese instructors are only take 4 students by themselves  ..I jumped on to increase numbers.   The confined pool session was interesting.  Visibility was only around a one and a half meters and for such bad conditions, they did pretty well, the 3 students that I could actually see.  I wasn't too impressed with some of the skills though.  I find that most of the Chinese instructors are really aggressive and heavy handed with their students which I don't think is necessary.

Anyway, in the Open water  ..we all started the dives together but as soon as the skills were done, I was off.    The students weren't bad, a few issues with bendy legs but all n all, pretty good.  The biggest issues was that they were all over weighted, so after stopping and taking weights off every student, things were much better and we had a pretty good dive.   By the end of the course, they'd improved considerably.

Back off the boat, I only had a few minutes before I found out that I was straight back into the classroom, teaching OW again with 15 students.  Thankfully I was sharing the academics with an other instructor which made things easier..  Day 2, I was scheduled for academics in the morning and the confined pool session in the afternoon.  I managed the morning classroom session pretty well but struggled in the pool,   I was freezing, which is not like me at all.  By the end of the session, I was so cold and tired that I could have cried. 

...That evening, Si dropped me home and I've been in bed ever since  ..sleeping 20hrs or so for the last couple of days

Saturday, 12 July 2014

12th July 2014

I know posts are not coming very regularly at the moment.

This is because of various things..

1. I am busy! In between teaching, sort video work out, being everyone's agony aunt, and having a sick wife... I seem to wake up go to work, then bed...  It may sound like I am moaning... well ok a little.

2. Internet has been crap. For the last week, we feel like we have been living in England.. Its been rainy, windy, and generally rough weather. Rough seas make teaching courses that little bit harder too... but thats our job..

3. Home plans.... When I haven't been working, then I have been arranging our return to the UK... We now have a definite date and I am glad to say that we get home just in times for Roy's birthday !!! YAY!!

Jenny and I will be leaving the island on August 15th to travel to Bangkok for 2 weeks. 2 weeks of hell for me as I am sure most of you know my general impression of Bangkok... so I will be getting back into the gym to occupy myself. Jenny has to have a couple of dental surgeries (hopefully the last)... and once completed we shall be flying back to the UK for at least a month.

I hope thats good news to most of you... and I can't wait to have a beer with Broski on his birthday (you better have the day off Roy!)



Sunday, 6 July 2014

4th July 2014

Time is just flying  ...I don't really know where the rest of June went to be honest and we are already on the 4th July.

It's been pretty quiet at Crystal  ..I've been teaching a 2 person Open Water course with some English girls who are very good in the water but very ditsy on land and Simon has been teaching Marine Resource Management for a gang of Eco students.

I've cycled the odd evening but not enough by all means.

Tomorrow I have the day off, so I think I'll clean my bike and might venture out with Kirsty to find a new hotel and pool to take advantage of :-D

Sunday, 29 June 2014

29th June 2014

Last nights cycle was hard but really good.  Only half a dozen of us turned up.   It's brilliant that the group go out every night.   I can certainly see myself getting fitter as time goes on.  

Whilst waiting for a couple of the gang, one of the guys took me to a view point, 'Two Wheels'  It was a 5 minute cycle up a track and then couple minute walk up a really steep section of road  ..and then a small climb   ..The view was incredible  ..the pictures I've took with my phone don't really do it justice.