Tuesday, 22 August 2017

23rd August 2017

Many Happy Returns of the Day Charles!!

Hoping you have a lovely Birthday
We will be thinking of you.

Sending lots of love,

Jenny & Simone

Monday, 14 August 2017

14th August 2017

For the last week or so, our house has been having a little make over.  The outside has been rubbed down and painted and I'd say 70% of the interior has painted but they still need to do a couple of more coats in our bedroom and the bathroom still hasn't been touched.  They've put new flooring in the spare room as the other was termite infested, the interior doors have been taken off and moved outside, goodness knows what they're going to do with them.  They do seem to flitting from one thing to another instead of finishing off one room at a time.   It's slightly annoying but at least its being done.   

Whilst the work on the house has been going on, we've had little or no hot water,  we're unable to unpack as we're unsure as to what still needs to be done but it's all OK.  One of our friends who won a couple of night stay in a luxury sea villa back in April, gave us his prize as he's not heading back to the island for ages, so we took full advantage.  
Cuthbert doing some yoga and taking in the view

Si busy as usual

This is our latest wreck which was deployed a couple of days ago.  

Crystal 5  ..her last journey
Helmsman - Iona & Chloe

Crystal 5 was the boat we hired for the day to go snorkeling & diving  ..such fond memories!!

Measuring coral fragments
I'm measuring corals at our artificial dive site Junkyard.  We are working with another dive school 'New Heaven'  on project to record the growth of corals / fouling organisms. 

Friday, 4 August 2017

5th August 2017

Dear Fiona & Chris,
Bon Anniversaire!! ..as the French would say
Enjoy your special day. 
Sending lots of love and hugs
Jenny & Simon

Dear Mr M,
Many Happy Returns of the Day!
We hope you are looking after yourself.
We'll look forward to seeing you at the end of August.
Don't eat too much cake :-D
Lots of love
Jenny & Simon

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

26th July 2017

The weather is very unsettled at the moment, calm in the mornings, then around midday the wind picks up, the heavens open for an hour or two and then it calms down again till the early evening. So with the weather like this, the boats have been going around to the other side of the island where it's more sheltered.  I on the other hand have needed to go to our artificial reef Junkyard to do 'coral adoptions' so have been been dropped off by our longtail with customers,  transplanted corals and then tried to dive back to Crystal, usually as customers aren't so good on their air, we end up surfacing miles from Crystal and recently it's a pretty tough swim back when its rough, shallow and you're towing an exhausted 12yr old but it's all worth it when you present them with their little certificate :-D

I was up early this morning and left Simon in bed for a change.  I was meeting a lady from Greenfins Thailand at the Crystal office at 8am.  She was her to do an annual assessment of the dive schools sustainable dive & snorkel practices.  So I've been updating all our posters, making mesh recycling bags for the boat, trying to push 'recycling', making sure all our environmental agreements are on display and up to date etc. One of the major things I'm slightly worried about is the state of our boats and what she'll make of them.  The exhaust fumes, carbon amongst other things are not the most environmentally friendly and she's on this afternoons boat fun diving to see how we run things and to speak to the captain.  I'll be very interesting to see what she has to say :-D

Plastic bottle recycling nets for the boat
Just after I left this morning Si got up and went for a bit of a shop and returned to make this amazing veggie pie.  I can't wait to get home and try.  I always have to guess the ingredients LOL

Veggie Pie :-D

23rd July 2017

It's Sunday, Simon and I enjoyed a lovely lie in this morning.  Simon as usual woke at stupid o'clock, did some work on his PC until a reasonable hour and then brought me breakfast in bed :-D   I'm very spoilt :-D

The weather has improved over the last few days, so it's back to being hot :-D  LOL   I've just got back from a cycle and I found it oh so hard to make it up some of the hills, I think I brought a new meaning to the word red!!

So usually I try and take weekends off,  just to break things up and to get away from the office but last Friday night I was asked to DM for some people on a Super Yacht the next morning (basically take divers on a fun dive) Simon was asked first but as he was filming Open Waters he couldn't do it and as there was no-one else available at such short notice,  I agreed.  
The customers were in their 30's,  Malaysian and all very pleasant.  Their diving wasn't brilliant but I've seen a lot worse.  After a 45 minute dive and being rather tired, they decided against the 2nd dive whilst they ate their breakfast and I was paid and taken back to dry land  ...EASY!! 

If you want to see the Super Yacht in all it's glory, then check it out. 

The Parrafin Super Yacht

This is one of my Beach clean with some of the Chinese  ..I was trying to get an arty shot but didn't quite work.  It was supposed to be 'The Beatles' crossing Abby Road.

Team China on ECO dive

Thursday, 13 July 2017

13th July 2017

Simon and I are both well. We've been keeping busy.  I've been working in the office most mornings and diving in the afternoons, transplanting adopted corals, taken DMC's out for Junkyard maintenance, structure deployment, beach and dive site clean ups.   So it's been pretty busy.
Si been out with the camera on the odd afternoon, capturing the ECO crew in action and playing with settings on his camera and capturing some incredible macro shots which I'll post in the near future.

Adopt a coral transplant

Deploying & moving a whale structure

The Beach Clean Up gang
Me on the dive site clean up!
This morning Simon had to get up early this morning as he was filming OW students.  It's been remarkably busy the last couple of days with lots of groups wanting video's which makes a nice change :-D    Tim got back after filming this morning and had to go straight back out, taking photo's of 8 Discover Scuba Divers.  I don't think he was best pleased and the weather has deteriorated, from what was calm and sunny to grey and extremely windy, he's going to have his work cut out for him. All the students were Chinese, so I think they'll be a lot of people vomiting :-)  Oh dear, can't wait to hear all about it when he returns.  The funny thing was, I  did offer to go and help take photo's but he was adamant he could cope.  We'll see when he returns :-D

Thursday, 6 July 2017

06 July 2017

We had a visit from our friend Kevin this week.  He mailed me ages ago saying that he was thinking about coming over to Thailand for a holiday with his girlfriend and wanted some advise.  After a few weeks he mailed to say that he'd found a great package deal in Koh Lak which is on the other side of Thailand, so I thought nothing more of it.  Then I get a facebook message saying that they were going to pay us a visit. which was lovely seeing it's 10 hour trip to get here.   So they traveled overnight and arrived Tuesday morning.  After sorting a room out for them,  I gave them a quick guided tour of Crystal, the Eco office and then pointed them in the direction of Sairee beach so they could do some exploring and chill out for the day before meeting us for drinks at Crystal and heading off to 'Cafe Del Sol' for dinner.   We didn't have a late night as we they had to be up early for their Discover Scuba Dive the next morning with me.  

Kevin & Rachael on their DSD
I was pleasantly surprised with both Kevin & Rachael as they did really well in the pool with their skills.  I thought that there maybe an issue or two but they were good and relaxed.   On the boat going out to the dive site I think both of them were very excited which reflected in the open water, as it was the first time in ages that I had two people so floaty   ...so now they're known as Floaty & Flappy as that's what they were like in the water.  It was hard work but great fun.  Thankfully dive 2 was so much easier.
Last beers together before their night ferry

DMT's cleaning the domes

I've also been out with the DMT's doing some maintenance at Junkyard, blocking off some of the domes with barbed wire so people can't dive through them and cleaning tunicates (olive looking things) off our coral nurseries.  This morning we've deployed a new whale structure and some old gym equipment which just needs to be moved into place before I can start transplanting onto it.