Saturday, 9 February 2013

10th February 2013

Its been a while since we have had time to update this blog.

I am in the middle of my IDC Staff Instructor training. A course which is 2 weeks of training and evaluating new instructor candidates to get them to a high standard.

Half the time, we are in the classroom having lectures or doing presentations, and half the time in the water having skills presentations.

Jenny had a few days off to relax and deal with the last 10 days of sad times, but now is back into a 4 person Open Water course.. They are German and their English is okay, but not perfect... Jenny seems to be having fun with the course.

With Martin, Craig, and Bonnie leaving 2 days ago to head to Australia for Emma's funeral, I have taken over the management of the video company.... with freelance videographers on their first day yesterday it was a long day.... starting at 7am with IDC staff, and not finishing until 11pm dealing with video issues.... Hopefully things will smooth out once the freelancers get used to the way we do things here.

Emma's funeral is being held on the 12th, and we are going to time a memorial service here for her. Details are still to be finalised, but we intend to have photography and video purely for the parents to see what she meant to so many people here.



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Roy said...

Sounds like you've been busy. Prob best.